Thanks to generous support from Achieve Vitality (Stem Cells) you and your family and friends can view all 11 excellent informative presentations given at the 2019 Health, Home and Garden Expo. The speakers’ slides are also available there as pdfs. Simply follow this link and sign in. Note: There are 2 pages of courses. After you first sign in, just click the blue “Enroll Free” button on each lecture you want to view.


create a better life

Expert speakers and exhibits in Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Organic Gardening, Safe Home Products & Environmental Options

Healthful Food and Supplements

Organic Home, Lawn and Garden

good-healthNatural Medicine and Health Innovations

Sustainable Living Solutions and Resources


Achieve your Health AND HOME Goals

This event will change your life!

Whether you want to optimize your good health, solve a health complaint or learn nontoxic and sustainable ways to maintain your home and garden, our talks and exhibits are a tremendous resource. Meet health practitioners and service providers before you make an appointment.

2022 date to be determined

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