Doug Kaufmann
9:30 AM
Fungus and Women’s Health
Exhibitor Stage

Beeben Russell with Dr. Joe Ford
10:00 AM
Your Brain Health and Brain Detox

Dr. Joe Ford with Beeben Russell
10:00 AM
Your Brain Health and Brain Detox

Dr. Michael Einsohn
10:45 AM
Whole Body Thermography and Oligoscan Identify Toxicity and Imbalances to Prevent Disease and Increase Wellbeing
Exhibitor Stage

Dr. Darcy Brunk
11:20 AM
Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cell Therapy is the Future of Medicine, Personal Health & Longevity
Exhibitor Stage

Ross Pelton, RpH, PhD, CCN
12:00 PM
Optimal Health = Gut Health with Pro, Pre & Postbiotics

Phil Wilson
11:55 AM
The Far Infrared Sauna Detoxifies, Decreases Inflammation and Even Burns Calories
Exhibitor Stage

Phyllis Gee, MD
12:30 PM
Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body…The Functional Medicine Approach to Health
Exhibitor Stage

Loredo Ritter, MD
1:05 PM
Learn About EMR—the Invisible Enemy
Exhibitor Stage

Anne Coleman, MD
2:00 PM
Chemicals & Metals & EMF’s, Oh My!  From Fear to Health Empowerment.

Ray Solano, RpH, CCN
2:45 PM
The rise of chronic illnesses due to new prescription drugs
Exhibitor Stage

Cathy Lemmon, LCPH
3:20 PM
A Safe Natural Alternative to Immunizations for Flu, Childhood Diseases, Travel & More—Homeoprophylaxis
Exhibitor Stage



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