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We set very high standards for exhibitors in order to show attendees the best products, innovations and practitioners in each category. Exhibitors must be of high integrity with fair, consumer-focused and non-discriminatory business practices. The tone of the event is educational, not hard sell.



A 8’ x 10’ booth defined by pole and black drapes. (For multiple booths, the dividing poles can be removed.) Each booth comes with: (1) skirted 8’ table, (2) chairs, (1) wastebasket, (1) typical trade show identifying sign and up to (3) exhibitor badges per booth.

Set up and tear down

The Exhibit Hall at the Plano Event Center will open for setting up on Friday, Sept. 14 between 2:00 PM – 7:00PM and Saturday. Sept. 15 at 7:00 AM. Doors open to attendees Saturday at 9:00 AM.  You can pull right up to the area on the West side noted on the Center Layout as “Loading Entrance” and move your vehicle after you’ve unloaded. See the page entitled “Shipping and Receiving” for materials that you are not bringing in yourself. The hall must be emptied by 8:00 PM on Saturday, Sept. 15 when the building will be locked.


Please employ the Golden Rule and respect the rights of neighboring exhibitors by minimizing noise and other distractions.


See the shipping instruction form on the show website,


Booth draping is black. Each booth is provided with (1) – 8’ skirted table, (2) chairs, (1) small waste basket and (1) standard exhibitor sign. If you need other furnishings or equipment, please contact Kristie Cover in advance. or (972) 941-5852.

If you need an electrical outlet, that must be ordered from Plano Event Center and paid for a week in advance or the price doubles. Contact Kristie Cover, or (972) 941-5852. You will receive one outlet, but power-strips are allowed. See the electrical order form (note that form currently has last year’s date on it).


Plano Event Center and event producers require that your company obey all applicable laws during your participation. You will be held responsible for any damage done to Center property. See other requirements in the exhibitor agreement.

If you will dispense food or beverages in your booth, please check with the Plano Health Department to see if a temporary permit is needed for what you are planning. David Hightower in the Plano Health Department will guide you through the process. Contact David at 972-941-7658 or by email at

You may attach signs to cloth draping with pins but not masking tape. If you are near a wall, you can use masking or blue tape. NO push pins are allowed into the wall.

The floor is carpeted, but you may also bring your own rug to put on top of it providing that your rug or padding doesn’t extend beyond your booth or create a tripping hazard.

Plano Event Center is a NON-TOBACCO facility.


All daytime parking at Plano Event Center is FREE. Exhibitor parking is located on the West side of the facility. Parking on vacant land or business lots surrounding Plano Event Center is prohibited. RV parking is on a first come first served basis – fees apply. Contact Kristie Cover for details and reserving. or (972) 941-5852. Other overnight parking is prohibited unless pre-arrangement is made with the Center. Camping, outside cooking, use of generators and loitering are not permitted.


Basic is free! Wi-Fi is provided throughout the building on SSID. Select “Event Center Public”.  Once you connect to the network you will be presented with a splash screen on your browser. The password is “visitplano” (all lower case, no spaces). This network has 10Mbps bandwidth, is shared across all users in the building, and is a free service.

Upgraded Wifi. (This might be important for exhibitors or speakers who wish to stream live from the internet.) Private, password- protected premium Wi-Fi networks are available. By default, these are available as 5Mbps and 10Mbps unshared bandwidth. A 5Mbps private network is $150 and a 10Mbps private network is $300. You can also have this bandwidth delivered as a hard-wired Ethernet line. Please inquire from Kristie Cover at Plano Event Center about which places in the facility are wired for this service. or (972) 941-5852


Healthful lunch options are offered by the onsite snack bar. For your convenience, pre-purchased box lunches can be delivered to your booth. We will contact you close to the event date and ask if you want to place an order. Also, vending machines with a variety of less healthful drinks and snacks are located in the East Hallway.


You are responsible for the removal of bulk trash from the exhibit floor prior to opening of the EXPO and at the end of the EXPO. Charges may apply for bulk trash removal necessary due to your participation. (Bulk trash is defined as any material that cannot be readily removed by a standard push broom.)

The Center recycles paper, cardboard, plastic, wood pallets, aluminum and more.


Event management will provide a uniformed police officer during EXPO hours. After hours Plano Event Center locks up and sets an alarm.


Please check in at the Exhibitor Desk inside the Exhibitor Loading Door. During the day, there will be an EXPO representative at the ticket desk outside the hall. They can help you with questions related to producers’ part of the event. For assistance with facility issues, there are intercom boxes located on the wall in each hallway. Press button talk then release button to listen. The Plano Event Center Manager on Duty or Plano Event Center Operations Chief will respond.


This list of nearby hotels may be helpful.


Saturday, August 24, 2019, 9 to 5

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