In their own words:

“We did more good in 1 day at your show than 2 days at the Women’s Expo.”

“I think this was the best show we have done.”

“I would like to be a part of all your events if it’s possible.”

“We had great interaction at our booth and we were all exhausted at the end of the day (a good exhausted).”

“Wish I could have that successful of a show quarterly!!!”

“It felt super busy this year.”

“Great show.” 

“We were very pleased with everything. Thanks so much.”

“We had a great response.”

“Hundreds visited our room down the hall.”

“Thanks for putting on another great show! I met a number of new individuals that were first time attendees and they all commented how much they enjoyed this event.”  

“My table was busy the whole day.”

“I also learned quite a bit from other vendors. Another HbN triumph.”

“I guess we saw about 4 times as many sales as last year.” 

“It was a wonderful powerful day for us. We appreciate the opportunity to be there I look forward to participating in the next event. Thank you!”

“I was inspired and moved by the amount of people passing through AND gathering around us as we educated people on the products we had on display…BUT it is so much more than that. I felt a bond of COMMUNITY with the people stopping by our booth and some vendors also.”

“THANK YOU just does not cover how grateful I am for your wanting us to be in the show.”

“I had a great show and was so happy my office manager joined me for the afternoon.”

“What a great expo you put together Saturday!”  

“My wife and I had a wonderful time and look forward to next year!  Thanks and Blessings Martie!”

“To be honest, I had really low expectations and I was blown away in many ways. :-)” 

“Traffic at the booth was excellent…and I connected with a few practitioners/businesses that I liked and am planning on collaborating with.”

”WHAT A BRAINSTORM mixing vendors in together whether Home, Garden or Health. FABULOUS!!!” 

“We had very good conversations with people and enjoyed everyone we met.” 

Plano Fire Rescue: “Everything was very organized and I appreciated being able to set some things up the evening before.  I attend many of these events as a vendor and very often they don’t even have tables ready the day of.  I appreciate the time and work you put into making this a great event.” 

2022 date to be determined

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