PRICES DOUBLE THE DAY OF THE EVENT. (So plan ahead, right?) You can order electrical power and extra* furnishings online at this LINK. Note: when it asks you to fill in your “booth name” it really means “number“. To get power to your booth, select this item: “Pre-order Standard Electric, 20 Amp, Day One”. That costs $50. (Bring your own extension cords or order them and pay.) All items ordered are subject to a 20% Service Charge and 8.25% sales tax. Again, items ordered onsite the day of the event will be subject to additional charge.

For questions, please contact Kristie Cover or 972.941.5852

*Your 10’ x 10’ booth is already fully furnished with pipe and black draping, an 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, basic ID sign and trash can. 

2022 date to be determined

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