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Bill Sardi 

Lecture 1. “This may be the last generation of humans that live a limited lifespan.” A revolutionary discovery for compensating for or actually repairing an inherited enzyme malfunction that explains why animals make vitamin C from sugar and we do not. This was a spectacular groundbreaking seminar that tells how to stop having our lives limited by disease. You will see why viewing this lecture and taking Bill Sardi’s advice can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

Lecture 2. “So you think you have a cholesterol problem?” Interpreted by modern medicine as a statin drug deficiency. Let’s examine this. Mr. Sardi explains why we need cholesterol, how the body makes 80% of it and natural approaches for keeping it at healthful levels. Attendees were spellbound. Before the lecture even starts, he discusses with the audience three nutrients that make us cancer-resistant. 

Darcy Brunk, DC, Learn how Stem Cell Therapy can improve the quality of your health and vitality by reactivating and accelerating your body’s natural repair system. This simple, safe, effective and affordable treatment option can effectively relieve and even eliminate pain without risky and painful surgery and addictive medications.

Michael Einsohn, DC, Learn how unique whole-body thermography (a non-invasive, radiation-free diagnostic technology) can give you a functional assessment of all major organs and body systems, dental health, breast health for women, and prostate health for men. An introduction is also included to a revolutionary, safe, fast and affordable screening method to assess heavy metal burden and mineral balances.

Howard Garrett, 

Lecture 1. By far, the most effective insect pest and disease control just happens to be organic. Natural Organic Pest Control

Lecture 2.  Tree Planting and Natural Organic Tree Management

Jenny Hrbacek, Learn a new approach to cancer that can stop the disease in its tracks. Jenny shares information from experts that will mentor and coach you to Live Cancer Free. Receive the powerful new resource “Living Cancer Free Made Simple” when you attend.

Gus Kotsanis, MD, Innovative therapies for chronic inflammation and chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. Philip R. Kozlow, He speaks about ozone treatment and the importance of proper mercury removal.

Cathy Lemmon, Cathy will explain the time-honored medicine of Homeopathy.  She will also talk about Homeoprophylaxis (“HP”), a nontoxic alternative to childhood immunization. It can be used for adults in lieu of immunizations for flu, pneumonia or travel just as examples. This safe and effective alternative has been in use worldwide for more than 200 years.

Brenda Swartz, Wrinkles, Scars, Breakouts, Dark Spots, Rosacea and Eczema—What Really Works? Internal Cleansing?  How Often and How It Affects Our Skin and Health?

Phil Wilson, Phil will discuss the documented benefits of far infrared saunas and how to find a good one.



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